Thursday, 9 February 2017

Good Night Messages For Friends

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every boy and girl has friends. So night time every boy and girl can send message for your friends.

Good Night Messages For Friends:

4. The best and real relation 
     in this world is friendship. 
    Because friendships love
    never cheat us. Good Night Friends.

5. Good Night My Friends,
    I am lucky because my day starts
    and ends with a text from 
    a friend as lovely as you.

6. My all friends are my super heroes,
     because they are with me in every condition.
     I will never forget them. Good Night my friends.


7. Dear friend, don’t think about tomorrow, 
    I will always be there to set all things. 
    I am always with you...good night frnds.

8. When I spend full day with my friends
     then I have a sweet dream in night. 
     my all friends are so cute. Good night.

9. In silent night when I wish my friends
    then I close my eyes and put my hand 
    on my heart and remember good moments
    which i spent with them...
    good night my all sweet friends

10. Girlfriend leaves you after some time
       but friends always stands with you 
       good night frnds have a sweet dream

11. Dear God I m thankful to you
       because you gave a sweetest gift
       like as  friends good night my all friends

12. Moon is shining so bright 
       I prey god that my friends achieved
      all things in their life good night friends

Good Night Love Quotes For Friends:

13. The cool breeze, shining stars 
       and the silent night are wishing you
      a sweet good night to my all friends.


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